Charity Newsies is a volunteer organization whose members contribute to the successful daily operations of the Headquarters Store and participate in fundraising events.

Petition for membership begins in January of each year. Applications require two sponsors who are members.

2013 Officers

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  • Stephen Chandler, 2013 Assistant Drive Chariman & 2nd Vice-President

  • Kathy Redmond, Financial Secretary

  • Steve Campbell, Treasurer

  • Marilyn Wright, Corresponding Secretary

  • John Byrne, Sergeant-at-Arms

2013 Trustees

  • Barry Daroe

  • Robert Freed

  • John Robinson

  • Melanie Evans

  • William McGarity

  • Cathy Patterson

  • Laura Brennan

  • William Karn

  • Lee Tucker

Headquarter Manager

  • Michael Miller

All Current Members

2013 Newsie Location by Name

2013 Newsie Location by Intersection Assignment