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Getting Help

We know school clothes can be expensive.  And when your child is growing several inches each year, it’s hard to make school clothes last.  Charity Newsies understands! If your child is eligible, we can help with new school clothes or uniforms. Wearing new clothes that fit right and blend in at your child’s school is very important for his or her self-esteem and can make a difference in how your child does in school.

Charity Newsies wants every child to stay in school and be the best they can be!

Clothing Pickup

Eligibility Requirements

Families must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for assistance:

  • Children and Guardian must reside in Franklin County, Ohio.
  • Children must be enrolled and attending school, grades K – 12 (public, private, catholic or charter)
  • Children in kindergarten or any child 16 and older must present a picture ID and a current letter from their school verifying enrollment and attendance.

Clothing Process

Step 1: Application

  • Only a custodial parent or legal guardian may apply.
  • Complete an application in person at the local libraries during specific dates that will be announced for 2015.
  • Complete an application at Charity Newsies Headquarters during specific dates that will be announced for 2015. 
    Directions to Headquarters
  • Present the following documents when applying:
    • Social Security card, or Taxpayer ID number, and photo identification for yourself (driver’s license, state ID, Resident Alien Card, etc.)
    • Proof of household income (benefits letter, recent pay stub)
    • Identification for children (Social Security Card)

Step 2: Home Visit

  • Each family receives a home visit by Charity Newsies volunteers. 
  • During the application process, let us know the best times to make the visit.
  • The parent, guardian, or a responsible adult 18 years of age or older and all children listed on the application must be present during the home visit.
  • No appointments will be made for the home visit. The Newsies volunteers will make 3 attempts and then return your application to Headquarters if you are not home. 
  • If you have an address change, please be sure to call our office so that Newsies volunteers can complete your Home Visit.

Step 3: Clothing Appointment

  • Once the Home Visit is completed successfully, you will receive a clothing appointment date and time to bring your children to Newsies Headquarters to receive their school clothing.  All children listed on the application must be present during this appointment.
  • Appointment times are given during the home visit.
  • Any responsible adult may bring the children to Headquarters for the Clothing Appointment.  However, due to limited space, only one adult is permitted in the clothing room with their children.
  • It is very important that you arrive on time for your appointment to avoid excessive waiting times.
  • We ask that your child stay seated quietly with you while waiting to enter the clothing room.
  • You will be given a shoe voucher.  Please be sure to read the entire voucher to make sure you know the rules and the two week expiration date listed.  Lost, stolen, or expired vouchers cannot be reissued.
  • If your child wears a uniform, one uniform voucher will be issued to each eligible child. If the cost of the uniform exceeds the stated value of the voucher, you are responsible for paying for the difference.  If the purchase is less than the stated value of the voucher, the store will not give you change, and you cannot buy other items to make up the difference.